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Six signs of the smutty side of Frontierville

By on December 16, 2010
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I’m beginning to wonder if Frontierville has a British copywriter. I’ve started watching my Facebook status updates for the Frontierville double entendres. These are the six that have made me snort with laughter so far.


Have you seen any others? Let me know?

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  • Anonymous

    I guess the fact they are funny make me slightly less guilty of spamming people (sorry for the harrassment btw !) 🙂 And it probably improves click-through too.

  • Excellent. I should watch their status updates more carefully

  • Jac. Parfery

    Seems to be most of Zynga’s games. Treasure Isle for example has the following:
    “Barbara filled a submarine with Seamen!” and “Barbara has some shiny new balls!” to quote a couple! Keep an eye out!