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Six secrets of Farmville’s success – and 33 million people agree

By on September 4, 2009
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Farmville may be the fastest growing Facebook game ever. It was only released in July and in August, over 33 million people played it. What’s the secret of its success?

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Maybe it’s just because it’s summer, but we seem to have got farming on our brains. Look at the top 25 games on Facebook in August.

Top 25 Games on Facebook - August 2009

That’s four farming games in the top 25, with Farmville at #1 and Farmtown at #3. Farmville is only two months old, but it had 33 million unique players in August.

Yes, you read that right. 33 million players.

According to ComScore (via TechCrunch), Facebook had 340 million unique visitors in June (although Facebook only acknowledges 250 millon), which means that around 10% of all Facebook users played Farmville last month.

That’s a phenomenal success. I argued in July that Zynga may have overtaken Yahoo! Games to be the largest games “site” on the Internet. With this latest performance, I think that there can be no doubt that Zynga has claimed that crown.

The six secrets of Farmville’s success

Farmville came out at around the same time as Playfish’s Country Story which, while doing well, has only achieved 4 million users, 16% of the size of Farmville’s playerbase. Farmville has got six key elements absolutely nailed, and it’s reaping the rewards of its clever, viral design. So what are they?

1. The joy (and shame) of gifting

Gifting was one of Facebook’s earliest memes. When Facebook first emerged, it was about “poking” your friends and giving them virtual beers or dogs.

Zynga has cleverly picked up on this. When you visit your farm, the first screen you see is not a picture of your farm, but a list of gifts that you can give your friends. In many games, this screen would say “invite your friends to play this game”, a thinly-veiled attempt to get you to spam your mates. Zynga turns this on your head by asking you to send them a gift.

Gifting is particularly clever because it evokes an ancient anthropological need that is common to almost all cultures: the need for reciprocity. If someone gives you a gift, you have to reciprocate. It might be writing a thank you card, or getting your round of beers in, or taking a bottle of wine to a dinner party. Across all cultures, there has to be an “exchange” of gifts.

So if someone sends me enough Farmville gifts (and the default message asks me to send a gift back, to press the point), I’ll feel honour-bound to give them one back.

Much better than spam.

2. Farmville gifts have value

The objective of Farmville is to build a thriving farm. You spend money to dig plots, plant crops, buy animals and plant orchards.

Trees and animals are expensive. They look pretty but it’s hard to justify the investment compared with growing strawberries. But look! Your friends are sending you all these expensive trees and valuable animals. Aren’t your friends thoughtful?

Unlike the original virtual beer or birthday cakes, gifts from my friends in Farmville enhance my enjoyment of the game. In fact, the more gifts I receive, the better my farm looks and the more fun I have. So it is in my interest to:

  • Invite as many of my friends into the game as possible, so they give me presents
  • Give them all presents as often as I can so that they give me a present back

That’s viral marketing at its most brilliant.

3. Farmville gifts cost me nothing

Here’s where Zynga departs from the real world: sending a gift costs me zilch. I can only send them sporadically (I think it’s once a day), but it costs me nothing more than the time it takes to select an avocado tree and the friends I want to send it to. My cash reserves stay the same, but I have just asked a dozen people to send me something worth real value. Aren’t Farmville gifts wonderful?

4. Farmville doesn’t really bother with levels

There are levels in Farmville: you can’t buy certain crops or a combine harvester until you reach a certain level. But the real limitation is cash. And you can get more cash by playing more often. (In contrast, Playfish’s Country Story, which I generally prefer, has pretty strict limitations by what level you are, and you don’t level up very fast). So the size of my farm is dependent more on how many friends I have who are sending me gifts and how often I play. This makes it very easy for me to keep coming back to Farmville.

5. Choosing what crops to plant matters

Strawberries grow very fast in Farmville-land. Only four hours in fact (whereas wheat takes three days). But there is a quid pro quo. Strawberries wither and rot quickly too. If I don’t get back in time to harvest them quickly, then all my work goes to waste. So as well as choosing crops based on their in-game value, I choose them based on when I next expect to play. I vary them, so that I have fast-growing and slow-growing crops, because that way there is something to do every time I visit my farm.

In other words, I control my own gameplay experience which makes me feel a sense of ownership of my farm, and means that I want to return to check on it often.

6. If you don’t return frequently, your crops wither and die

With Country Story, you have to visit frequently to water your crops. If you don’t, they “pause” their growth, and won’t start again until you water them.

Farmville is harsh. Fail to harvest their crops and they rot. Gone. Money down the drain.

So you have to visit regularly, just to make sure that the game doesn’t punish you.

The moral of the story

There are two things that matter to making your social game a success: getting users to return frequently (stickiness) and getting users to invite their friends (virality).

Farmville has achieved this, and has 33 million users to prove it.

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About Nicholas Lovell

Nicholas is the founder of Gamesbrief, a blog dedicated to the business of games. It aims to be informative, authoritative and above all helpful to developers grappling with business strategy. He is the author of a growing list of books about making money in the games industry and other digital media, including How to Publish a Game and Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games, and Penguin-published title The Curve:
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  • What can a business do to penalize people who don’t keep coming back? eg. reduce points each day they don’t login (negative) or give points each day they login. What other negative things could happen? or increase the stickiness with email notifications when things happen (new forum, comment replies, etc).

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  • farmvillesecrets

    There are no real cheats for any of the games on Facebook or Myspace etc.

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  • farmvillesecrets

    There are no real cheats for any of the games on Facebook or Myspace etc.

    There are loads of strategy guides available online, find a review of the best at the website below.

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  • A 12 ball shot gun and a big sign saying “Get of my land”, would be an excellent addition to the game.

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  • JOM

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  • Norm

    I'll be your neighbor, I play every day.

  • Goldie00

    You are right about that I dont mind if my kids play farmville, I have one problem i dont know how to find people to play farmville I have 4 and thats all, do you have any sugessions how I can find people that play this game. Thank you.

  • FarmvilleSecretsAmy

    The six key elements are only some of the many Farmville Secrets that holds and continues to Dominate with a Farmville Cash Formula technque in Farmvile.
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  • Anonymous

    You can't have your animals real close together. If they are placed like real animals (all around), then they will walk.

  • Ida

    and he has to be in the starting spot not anywhere else or he'll just get out.

  • bitesize910

    So has anyonre figured out the farmvill cash thing yet? i thought you were supposed to get one when you got a ribbon and when you leveled up. ive gotten like 5 ribbons, and no fv cash. thats just irritating. but it is just a game so if no one knows, then oh well.

  • bitesize910

    thats what i did for xp =)
    that and im planting crops that will ripen fast so i can plant more of them fast.
    pumpkins are good, but only give you 1 xp

  • Ida

    Peas harvest in 1 day and are worth 3 XP. Its the fast easy way and you only have to check back once. A bit boring but if you need to level up fast its good.

  • FarmvilleMaster24

    Everyone plays farmville, but its alot funner when you have a better farm than all your friends. this guide shows you secrets to farmville not many know, i could post the secrets but then everyone would know them and it would be patched. check it out http://9ba32bxen3ap3w03glqusin-4i.hop.clickbank

  • FarmvilleMaster24

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  • Tamara

    i am trying to get farmville friends will you be mine? tamara rachelle miller look me up if you will.

  • Crazybeautiful955

    I'm 17 and i just found out this book that helps you play the game. It makes it so easy to level up and get a bunch of money. I put the link here if you guys wanna know.

    Click Here!

  • Joe

    Check out some Farmville Tips, Secrets, and Guides:

  • Black Flame

    Or you could just do 5 plots and plant 5 soybeans to get 15 xp for only 30 coins per plot and end up paying 150 coins for 15 xp vs. 225 coins for 15 xp vs. 300 coins for 15 xp.

  • cherylbaker

    Having Trouble getting on Framvillie !

  • countrygirlof3

    OMG !!!! i just started having problems's really frustrating, everyone else in my house can load their game but when they try to work my farm it says cant load refresh your page, so i know it's not my computer

  • katie

    hey i think that it shudnt cost money and let all zynga users do a comp and make that game that they created like the winning 1 cud be the new zynga game

  • Jason

    Your XP points for the crops applies at the time of planting. The only XP achieved at time of harvest is from crop plots that have been fertilized by friends.

  • Ida

    to get the 24×24 farm upgrade how many neighbors/exp/$$ to I need. I'm assuming its neighbors.

  • duanesilva34

    come join me at the cafe and bring all your friends, luv to have some neighbors. also looking for my farmsite. thanks.

  • duanesilva34 can addme asa friend/neighbor i am just beginning.looking for friends. thanks

  • Nettie54

    You posted this October and it's still having server problems. OMG!! And it is very frustrating. At first I thought it was FaceBook but I went out to, and it is definitely farmville's issue. Okay, I'm done ranting. Thanks for listening.

  • Linda

    I can't get on either, says I need to upgrade my flash player,did that probably didn't need to, cause it used to work fine, this is really frustrating, I've even downloaded Google Chrome, still the same problems , maybe it could be cause I have dial-up, then I cancelled that, now I have AT&T Lightning Connect card, I still have problems. but you know I can go to someone's house that has High Speed DSL and I can play Farmville, but I'm going back to dial-up internet because, the lightning card is not that fast, no comparison to High Speed DSL. Could someone input on this ? Will Farmville's problems (game loading) ever be resolved

  • Siobhan Ann

    I have expanded my farm 2 times and still only have 6 plots. I contacted zynga and they gave me 3 possible fixes..did them all to no avail. My niece uses same computer and her farm works fine..sounds stupid but it is very frustrating. Any clues? Deleted browsing history, cleared cache , updated adobe and NOTHING helps. Any suggestions?

  • blahblah

    It's better to do shorter crops IF you have the time/patience to come back and harvest them all the time. It's probably a waste of money to buy any guide that costs money imo. Everything you need to know, you can find out for free just by googling for it.

  • My friends they're play this game 3 hour /day. Usually ? How long you you play farmville /day?

  • FarmMaesiah

    trap you avatar in some haybales or something and all that walking gets cut…..saves me so much time!!

  • Michelle

    Yes, they are. Or at least they do on one of my farms. I'm not sure why it's not working for the other, though; all the animals are set to “Allow Walk”, and I can't see any reason they won't.

  • georginadearden

    is it better to to do shorter time crops or ones over 3 days . I have so many trees and animals and no room , is it worth having so much ! also what do you think about the farmville secrets download , is it worth gettin or a con.

  • jing ling

    im a milloniaire on farmville but i am quitting now in 2 months i wish it would let them give money to people as it would be a shame to waste it!

  • jordan whyte

    i also would love to send better gifts but what really annoys me is that u can't buy the rabbits or the horses i want to buy them because everyone of my friends send me them stupid presents that i hate!

  • jordan whyte

    im also struggling to get a hot air ballon but in my old account my sheep died when it stayed in the hot air ballon for a year

  • poopinmypants

    u hhave 2 put hay bales around him

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  • Can someone please help me stick my player in the middle so i can plant crops without moving? I put fences around him but he's not stuck!



  • Desolator99

    yeah its for all ages! and i found a autoclicker for farmville and it works for me, TRY it! got it form

  • Jacky Wang

    theyre not supposed to

  • ponygal

    I pressed Allow walk on all my animals but they still DON'T MOVE!! any1 know y??

  • farmvilleguide

    In addition to the billions of virtual crops Farmville has generated, a whole economy of Farmville facebook guides, hints and tips has “cropped up” to take advantage of the hype. As people new to gaming and the Internet comprise a significant portion of Farmville Facebook players, easy-to-read e-books are making lots of (real) money and becoming very popular purchases for occasions such as birthdays and even the upcoming holiday season. One such e-book, has seen much success, and many others are also catching on.

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  • greenracer

    you don't get experience points when you harvest. once you master a crop you may get an experience point for premium crops but you still won't get this for each and every crop. to master a crop you must have 3 stars, you will also receive a master sign.

  • charlessutton

    FV says it can't control the server I'm on but I can. I have to be able to confirm I'm on the same server my friends are …..who are using the same computer I am but having zero problems. How do I determine what server these luky friends are on so I can change servers. Mine is always out of sync. It's like the “twilight zone' you harvest and it comes right back so you have to replow, replant, etc.

  • Stanlock12

    I need neighbours too. Add me – [email protected].

    A cool way to build experience points (although time consuming)

    Plough Land – Plant Soya Beans – Delete Soya Beans – Repeat as often as your cash allows.

    You spent 30 coins and gain 3 experience points each time which is the best value xp available in entire game. This is great particularly when on the lower levels.

  • wilsonz

    Why is may game out of sync when I try to help on someone elses farm? Can't help, can't feritilise
    what can I do….any answers?

  • wilsonz

    Why is may game out of sync when I try to help on someone elses farm? Can't help, can't feritilise
    what can I do….any answers?

  • olive454

    11/14/09 have lost the entire crop I planted when FarmVille was down (for me..other people could play, apparently). Farmville was not loading for 2 days, then this morning for about 20 minutes it was working, and I started over and am broke having reseeded my farm…now it is10 hours later and it is still not loading for me, so I'm sure I've lost another crop. I have been playing for about 3 weeks, and only joined Facebookto play..but it hasn't been worth it. They should fix the bugs with the connection issues. 🙁

  • randyschmitz

    On that note I just bought a windmill and farmhouse for 250,000 coins on level 28 and the 22×22 extension opened up, but now it is going to cost 250,000 coins to open the next extension . I just bet the 24×24 will be 500,000 coins, thats my guess tho I could be wrong. Now as you get this high your going to run into problems like ur farm always going out of sync then a error code will pop up, other friends tell me it has happened to them also and then it slows down the puter. The headaches from the game is like owning a farm but without the hassles

  • Jacky Wang

    dont worry
    it's probably just a game error. mine doesnt either
    makes no difference whether it walks or not anyways
    gimme ur facebook name an describe ur pic
    i'll add u and we'll compare our farmville's

  • my animals won't walk what can I do. My daughters walk all over the place and it on the same computer..Help

  • Jacky Wang

    ok… here's what i did
    wat level r u? try to buy the plants that have the absolute most amount of money dat u can make
    i'm only level 24, but still…i suggest grapes or watermelon or potatoes or corn
    once u get that money, click and buy the hay bales
    then fill ur farm up with hay bales!
    calculate the math( proportion of money to experience)
    u'll see, hay bales give u 5 xp 4 just 100 coins!
    more than dat, u can get ribbons for the “pack rat,” which is gonna help u a lot

  • holly

    my animals are moving all over the place will they wander off my farm?

  • farmville

    I like farmville on facebook

  • Vir

    this is due to slow/poor internet reception that causes frequent disconnections. As a result the farmville server can't save ur updated farm.

  • Vir

    this mainly due to poor/slow internet reception causing frequent disconnections stopping the farmville server to save ur farm.

  • packy427

    No one understands the concept of Farm Cash. Farm Cash is how Zynga makes money! To access extras like fuel and decorations you need Farm Cash. The game gives you some (1 every level up) but to get more you need to either:
    1. Pay in US $ in which the money goes directly to Zynga, or
    2. Complete an sponsored offer (which has paid real money to Zynga to let them put their offer on their page) where users who want extra FC are exposed to that companies products/services in exchange for FC
    Zynga makes money off of developing games like this. They dont spend countless hours developing games purely for your enjoyment.

  • lykon447

    what is your profile pic? i'm about to add u and then b a neighbour… kk?

  • annwatts

    what is wrong with farmville no 1 can log into it????????

  • Steve

    This will help you dominate

  • rustyhook29

    does anyone know how many neighbors you need to expaned your farm to the 22X22 and the 24X24, Please help

  • Name

    i agree there needs to be a way to EARN FV cash. i don't like the so called “free” ways to give out my information. we should be able to earn it through the game.

  • jjplay175

    hmm it might be a problem with facebook

  • jjplay175

    ok im sick of it saying that it needs to refresh! this problem happen's 99% of the time becouse you sell something its a g-error or something

    Ps: some ppl say there sick of facebook and how it lag's and stuff but remember its free and a server problem can be really hard to fix / if they made you pay to use facebook there would not be so many problem's becouse they would have more staff : )

  • tamarack

    yes. sure

  • victor_haddad

    cant log in to play problem for two days tried several computers.



  • Name

    true and then all your crops are dead when you return cant we at least be comnpensated?

  • judytupence

    Well i cant even get on it just shows the picture of the farm and tells me i need to upgrade my flash player i did this but to no avail its really frustrating anybody else had this problem

  • 0h0ward0

    i really need to get off farmville, but don,t koow how, or even to contact them toask, i really need help here on getting off

  • Extex40

    I agree with T. Ochoa. Zynga/Facebook must update the servers. Too many times I am kicked off, often causing my computer to crash and I end up having to reboot my computer. IT IS NOT MY COMPUTER THAT HAS THE PROBLEM!!!. Also, Zynga is claiming “fame” for Farmville, however Home Town has many more options like hiring people to plow and harvest your crops, more options to tending to your farm and is more interactive. I prefer Farm Town over Farmville. If they every get rid of Farm Town, I get rid of Farmville. I am thinking of doing it anyway. Home Town, like I said is more interactive. One more thing to add….if Zynga does NOT do something about their server problems, they will see their 33 million users go down the drain and once that happens, Facebook is going to lose a lot of advertising revenue if this server problem is not corrected. It is not only FV & FT a problem…I have been kicked offline several times (more than I can count) from the Facebook site. I play Mafia Wars and have lost thousands of “playing money” because of their slow servers. Wake up and smell the coffee, Facebook. I have to many people who have experienced the same problem and are just about fed up with FB, FV and FT. Listen to your users. If you continue to ignore the problems that your users tell you about, you can bet you will lose many. Want to be a total success? Get in gear in fix these problems now.

  • DRye

    You get experience point for planting and mastery points for harvesting. Look at the info when you plant it should say how many points then not when harvested.

  • Mlynn43

    I enjoy the game a lot, the only thing holding me back is the time frame between the farm expansions, I feel the game would benefit more if the expansion were available instead of equipment or random animals all the time.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the uniqueness of the animals and the game itself. But, I have been waiting for over a month for the last 2 expansions.

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  • m.c.


  • naaz

    You get experience points when u plow and plant. Harvesting only gives coins and mastery.

  • @nabamita

    Why do you say that? It would destroy the heart of the game and more importantly the secret of Zynga's success. They need the community and virality of Facebook to achieve their success. There's no way they could have reached 50 million users without it.

    I could imagine Zynga one day letting you play on their site using Facebook Connect, but you'd still need to sign into Facebook

  • kingjasper05

    Frank. You'll need to acquire neighbors to open the larger lots.

    Add me and i'll have you receiving gifts in no time. Invite me as a friend then request me as a neighbor the next day. you'll get used to the process and learn quickly.

    KingJasper05 on Facebook, I think.

  • bettyrussell

    and you are a sick individual.

  • bettyrussell

    I harvested my crop but no experience points registered; yet, each time my little figure rep harvested the plot, it said “162 coins, 1 mastery”. Why can't I get my experience points to register. I'll never get anywhere. The same thing happens on Farmtown.

  • i have the same problem .. have you figured out anything that would help.. i try contacting someone but they have not reponsed as yet

  • nabamita

    There should be an option in Zynga website to play the game, without logging into the social networking websites…

  • Mark 42

    I think you get a little fuel every day, but it's only enough to operate one machine
    for a little while. I agree… the machines are about as useful as buildings.

  • jmatthews

    we need more land so small its taking the fun out of sending gifts to family and friends. also i got clear to level 27 before i got 1 FV $ cash, whats up with that, at that rate i`ll never buy gas for all 3 machines i bought. i thought you would at least get some for each level you went up but i never so still doing all work by hand and the machines just taking up my room. please help !

  • Mark 42

    Yesterday I couldn't even get to the game.
    I missed about a dozen share the wealth opportunities and a few animal adopt
    opportunities. If they don't get it running better I'll quit – I don't need frustration when
    all I want is simple entertainment.
    There is a message at the top of the farmville page that says something
    like sorry for the errors, we're working on it. It appears to be a permanent message.

  • thomashuck

    this is starting to turn into farm town. i and a lot of friends want to delete do to SO MANY PROBLEMS. It sux to restart 6 or 7 times for some g7 or g3 out of sync crap gettin pissed so i'll stop p.s. when the hell will 22×22 and 24×24 be ready selling gifts because no room really gettin MAD

  • radioactivelamb

    Ditto. It happens when I sell trees or animals, not crops.

  • Linda

    I would like to see flowers avail for coins and new decorations to send as gifts.



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  • lynn45yweh65

    Just because FarmVille is an success doesn't mean turning YoVille into the same type of App is the right thing to do! Get Rid of the Sweets Factory Zynga! Not many of your players want to be strapped to the computer like your trying to do, hence….
    “The moral of the story

    There are two things that matter to making your social game a success: getting users to return frequently (stickiness) and getting users to invite their friends (virality).

    Farmville has achieved this, and has 33 million users to prove it.”

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  • Mark 42

    What did we do before Farmville?
    Hint: Butter Churn 😉

  • naomigruper

    People… is a game ….it is not life….it is meant to have fun and interact with friends…talk, laugh,share, gift, and it is working….just sit back and enjoy. Be surprised by the new stuff and glad ya got through the old stuff….This is the part where you RELAX and ENJOY….Don't look for 'cheats”. Discovery is part of the fun. I know it is a difficult concept but try it …..I too have lost animals, crops and what not but I am having fun…..What did you do for good clean family fun before you discovered Farmville?
    Ok then …let's have some fun!

  • Mark 42

    Just pet your sheep.
    Let the rope out some so the balloon will go higher, and the sheep will smile and say “WHEeeee!”

  • Melody

    I want the black sheep in the hot air balloon to be able to get out. He's been there since Friday and he is stiff, hungry and thirsty!!
    Also, I periodically lose gifts that my friends send. Would appreciate this glitch being fixed.

  • joan


  • joan

    I've had the same problem and my crops have now withered, etc. It's annoying at best. Thinking of just quitting this game!

  • Mark 42

    Click on “Forums” at the bottom of the Farmville page and search the forums.
    Also look in the area of the forums related to bugs.

  • liannemauleon

    am stuck in a limbo….. i harvest…. then plant then my monitor shows out of sync… code g3… i love the game but i need help… don't know where to go…

  • sharan_b

    Well i have to playing farmville for 2 weeks now and today i encountered a unique problem and i did not know where to report it. Whenever i sell or plant crops the error codes g3 and g8 crop up and the farm is back to how it waas when i logged in. that is no harvesting done of animlas, trees and crops and also no earnings thru neighbours. HELPPPPPPPP

  • Mark 42

    Or allow us to let some rope out & let the balloon fly higher, and the sheep could
    smile and say “WHeeee!”

  • Diana Smith

    Maybe we could have dogs, cats, doghouses, and more swans and brown cows? Also, we'd like to be able to take the little black sheep out of the balloons. They look really sad in there. Thanks for allowing the animals to move. They look more natural. We do need to be able to buy more types, though. Also, a lot of people don't buy the heavy equipment because you cant buy fuel for them with coins. It's too hard to earn the farmcash. We would like to be able to expand our farms out more and sooner. All in all Farmville is a very fun and addicting game. I have many family members and friends playing it. We all love it and play it every day.

  • Diana Smith

    nd more swans and brown cows?

  • Mark 42

    I would rather not have it become like Farmtown.
    I like that it is simpler. My wrist already hurts from all the
    clicking at the end of the day. Farmville is simpler than
    Farmtown, which is why I chose it. I don't want animals
    that walk around and I don't need a lot of detail. I don't
    want to have to choose “store” or “sell” when I harvest
    (though farmtown could ask that only once and until
    you stop harvesting use the same choice).
    I want a game I can do in an hour or less, not one that
    requires me to visit it every day and spend a lot of time
    watering flowers and chasing my cows around!
    I don't want to have to “walk here” then “open gate” then
    “close gate” the “grab udder” then “smile at cow” then
    “Open and close hand” just to get milk. That's too much
    like… nevermind.

  • farmprincess

    i like Farmville even though it has problems, like you say it only started in July, took a lot longer than two momths to develope so be patient people, see if you can do a better job on less time… i see alot of complaints , when they want it similiar to other games and this game has expanded several times since July. Ive run out of land on farmtown too , ill wait they probably will expand too. start another game, there are a lot of them out there

  • Mark 42

    Okay, so how is it a socialist plot?
    It can also be seen as espousing everything conservative.

    Hard work and patience pay dividends. Laziness leads to losses.
    People help each other if they want to, not because a gov't forces them to.
    You buy things in order to use them.

    The free gift feature is definitely socialist (in a way). But the idea
    is that it encourages interaction. It could be considered a bit like
    the government providing (maintaining & administrating) parks.
    We enjoy them, and most are free, so we allow taxes to be spent on them
    (city parks, county parks, state parks, national parks. BLM)

  • mike graham


  • blancalieberman

    I agree that farmville is fun however I have had nothing but problems with it. It always gives me an error message and I loose crops and animals that are gifted to me. It is really starting to piss me off and in pasting my disconfort all over facebook every time it gives me an error message. I dont know why this is happening, I restart my computer and it does not help. I have tride every thing and nothing seems to work. Im going to have to find another game to play for myself and my kids and take all of my friends with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I continue to be amazed by how many people comment on Gamesbrief as if it was a tech support forum for Farmville.

  • lhy

    i am addicted to farmville,but there are times that when i open it it says “your game state is out of sync with the server” and i refresh it for so many times but it still appears,,,can you find a solution for this problem? thanks

  • frankjmedina

    just wondering when the bigger farms open up to buy(22×22)(24×24)?

  • T. Ochoa

    Farmville is definitely a great and very addicting game. My mom, sister, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and several close friends all play it. However, we are all ticked off by Zynga's continuing ignoring of complaints over how slow and buggy the games is. They continue to release “cool” new features without addressing how horribly crappy their servers are. It's very obvious that they were not prepared for the influx of players that they received, as very few would be. However, they've had ample time to address the issues, and apparently have done nothing. I say apparently because the developers have chosen not to speak to their consumers, other than to try to get us to buy stuff from their new store. A quick glance thru both the discussions section on the Facebook fanpage and on the official forum will show you how very unhappy a large number of people are with the performance of this game.

    I doubt my posting this here will make any difference to Zynga, but as they obviously aren't listening to what people are saying on THEIR spaces, maybe they will when the complaints are taken into other areas.

  • Mark 42
  • stephaniespainhour

    I can't log in anywhere to ask a question about farmville. I didn't get my experience points for finally being able to purchase a tractor! Who can I email about it, etc.? Thank you for your help! I was looking forward to getting those points! I am trying to move to a larger farm, but don't think I will ever get there.

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  • Mark 42

    I think the greatest appeal of farmville is that it's appropriate for all ages,
    and if I play it on my lunchtime at work, I don't have to worry about
    offending someone who happens to see what's on my monitor.