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GAMESbrief Unplugged Volume 2: traditional games, transition and the power of free

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Making money from games in the twenty-first century

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Nicholas Lovell helps companies make money from games, understand emerging platforms (including Apple’s iOS, Google Android, browser-based, online) and navigate new business models.

In this second volume of Nicholas’s provocative and incisive analysis, you will learn:

  • How ngMoco, Jagex and Bigpoint built businesses worth hundreds of millions on the power of free
  • How in-app purchases can transform your business’s revenues and profits
  • How a company with $100 million of venture backing went bust, and how to avoid their mistakes
  • What new online business models mean for hardware manufacturers, retail and traditional publishers

If you want to ride the wave of online games, weather the transition to free and become a successful, profitable games business, you need to read this book.