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What you need to know about self-publishing

The web is a wonderful fount of information and resources on the world of self-publishing. Here on the GAMESbrief resources page,  you can find all the information that you need to get ahead. When I see something that will be useful, I’ll put here. Add anything you think I should add in the comments below.

Free-to-Play Games Spreadsheet

Head to GAMESbrief‘s free-to-play games forecasting page and download the spreadsheet to start improving the revenue on your game.


  • 50 questions series of posts written with Nic Brisbourne of the Equity Kicker.
  • For anyone considering raising money, or even just interested in how the venture capital market works, this post from Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures on What Is A Good Venture Return? is a must read.

Glossary of Online Games

A guide to all the confusing jargon in the online games industry.