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Our next F2P Masterclass – London, September 15th

By on August 1, 2016

GAMESbrief is pleased to announce that our next Business Masterclass will be held in London, UK, on September 15th 2016. The GAMESbrief Business Masterclass is the most trusted F2P business training in the industry. We’ve held classes in-house for dozens of the world’s top developers and publishers, training hundreds of their staff to face the challenges of F2P game design. Our public classes are an opportunity for smaller teams and solo developers to get access to the same insights that power the success of the industry’s giants.

Good F2P game design is a skill that applies to every sphere of the games business, and GAMESbrief Business Masterclasses are designed to give you the fundamental understanding that’s needed to build great F2P games that make money and are beloved by their players – no matter the genre or the platform. We don’t teach cheap tricks or schemes for making money fast; these are lessons for building sustainable, profitable games that last for years.

The London class will be a full-day event at a central London venue, incorporating lectures from leading industry consultant Nicholas Lovell, workshop sessions and hands-on exercises where you’ll collaborate with your industry peers to put F2P insights into practice. To ensure a high quality learning experience for everyone, class sizes are strictly limited; these classes do often sell out, so sign up quickly to avoid disappointment.

Prices for the class start from as little as £250 per attendee for studios sending multiple staff. Book your tickets now, and get your studio ahead of the F2P curve!

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