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Sponsor: AppsFlyer’s Gaming Performance Index

By on January 4, 2016

This week’s GAMESbrief site sponsor – the first of 2016 – is AppsFlyer, whose mobile attribution and marketing analytics tools are designed to help you understand in-depth how your marketing is working and how to optimise your budgets. Spending money to acquire users is a fact of life for mobile game creators; AppsFlyer can help to ensure that you’re spending that money wisely and effectively.

Their most recent report, the AppsFlyer Performance Index for Gaming, focuses exclusively on games and ranks the top 25 media sources in the gaming vertical through late 2015. It gives a detailed review of how each advertising platform performed in terms of driving users to games, and bases its insights on a huge amount of data – over 100 million installs of almost a thousand gaming apps.

One aspect of the report we really like is that it ranks the quality of the installs from each media source – scoring them based on their average retention rates. GAMESbrief has always been strongly focused on retention as a key metric (what’s the point in spending money to acquire a user if they don’t stay around for long enough to provide revenue for you?) and it’s great to see it being used as a benchmark for the quality and effectiveness of media spend.

GAMESbrief readers can access the free AppsFlyer Performance Index for Gaming by clicking here.


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