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Announcing the F2P Toolbox!

By on March 4, 2014

How are you going to transform your games and your business this Spring? Today, we’re launching something that might help you to work out the answer.

Gamesbrief’s Free-to-play Toolbox includes the most thorough guide available on designing games in new business models. But it’s not just a book. The resources in the Toolbox will help you to put new ideas in practice, with materials for the classroom and the studio. With cards, ebooks, the book and personal help from consultant Nicholas Lovell, there have never been more ways to enhance your design practice and maximise your games’ potential.

This series of 54 tools will make your games more fun and more profitable. Learn how to:

  • Retain users by creating a deeper, long-term connection with the game

  • Lower user acquisition cost by making your game stickier

  • Make money without churning players out

  • Iterate on your game design to create the best experience possible

Toolbox-SquareThe F2P Toolbox launches today as a set of six products, from an interactive pdf, all the way up to special consultancy sessions with Nicholas Lovell and a full set of 54 posters. Get it from the Gamesbrief store now:

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