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Free advice on your indie games business

By on January 14, 2014

If you’re trying to solve a problem with your indie games business, then you’d probably love to get some free advice from an experienced consultant. Today we’re offering just that.

On 22nd January in London Nicholas will be taking a limited number of 15-minute walk-in sessions aimed at indie developers. These short consultancies are aimed at helping out with business queries or specific questions about the business of games and publishing. They’re totally free and should help to put you on the right track or get a new perspective on problems you’ve been facing with your business.

If you’ll be in London for the Mobile Games Forum, or if you’re London-based anyway, then this is a great chance to get a new perspective on your business challenges.

Walk-in indie stand-ups

22nd January 2014

These free sessions will fill up quickly, so make sure you book right away.

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