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Surgeries are back at the Gamesbrief Business Masterclass

By on October 7, 2013
FlickrCC by Adrian Clark

Are you going to be in LA during GDC Next? Don’t miss out on the chance to talk face to face with Nicholas Lovell about your game.

The Gamesbrief surgeries are one- or two-hour sessions with Nicholas to discuss your business and get his feedback on any challenges you might be facing. People report that they found the sessions very valuable, and demand for them is always high.

“I’m regularly telling folks back home that my 22 day trip to the UK and Europe was completely worth it if only to have spent those two hours with you.”

adamcorneyAdam Corney, Minimega

In fact, the surgeries are so popular that we had to discontinue them a year ago. We were unable to keep up with demand. Nowadays we only occasionally run them, usually during major industry events. Whenever we announce the availability of new Surgery sessions, they usually book up really quickly! The surgeries that we made available during GDC completely sold out.

We’ve brought the surgeries back as part of the fundraising for the Gamesbrief Businesss Masterclass. The ‘one-to-one’ tier is a rare opportunity to buy a surgery session from Nicholas. This won’t be available after the Masterclass tickets are all sold, and only a limited number are available at the 20% discount early bird rate, so make sure you get on board soon.

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