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How to Publish a Game 80% off flash sale

By on May 30, 2013
How to Publish a Game

Nicholas has finally finished the final draft of The Curve, his book to be published by Penguin this Autumn. To celebrate, we’re having a flash sale at Gamesbrief. Get 80% off How to Publish a Game from now until Saturday night.

If you’ve been considering buying How to Publish a Game, now is the time to get your copy! The book has served as an essential guide for many entrepreneurs and execs navigating the online games business:

Alice Taylor Founder of Makielabs

Nicholas Lovell is a deep knowledge specialist: he has all the data and insight you’ll need on the subject of how to do business in the emergent and ever-evolving field of social and online gaming. From microtransactions to marketing, he’s got it covered. Highly recommended.

Jason Kingsley Owner of Rebellion

Nicholas’s innovative, analytical and thorough approach to these rapidly changing markets is very useful.

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