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Announcing our Newsletter Sponsor: Fiksu

By on March 12, 2012

GAMESbrief is delighted to announce Fiksu as the new sponsor for our email newsletters. If you’re one of the thousands of industry professionals who receive our email updates (if not, you should sign up here), you’ll be seeing Fiksu banners in the newsletters over the coming months – so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain who Fiksu is and why we feel that they’re a good fit for GAMESbrief.

As the distribution of games moves towards the digital, App Store model, perhaps the greatest challenge facing developers is the question of how to get exposure in these increasingly overcrowded spaces. The market was tough enough when boxed games competed for attention with a few dozen other titles at retail – now download games have to jostle for space with hundreds of thousands of other apps and games.

Fiksu is a company whose purpose is to give developers an edge in this hugely competitive market. By working with a wide variety of content providers, it has oversight on a huge amount of data on user behaviour on App Store platforms – to give you some idea of how much data the company works with, Fiksu-enabled apps have been downloaded over 200 million times, and it has tracked 14 billion app events.

That data itself is invaluable to your development and support process – but the really important thing is that it has enabled Fiksu to become experts in using a variety of techniques to increase your game’s ranking and acquire loyal users. Ad networks, real-time bidding exchanges, incentivised download networks – Fiksu works with all of these in an optimised, intelligent way, saving you the hassle of having to engage with a confusing web of promotion networks.

One of the key ideas which lies at the heart of GAMESbrief is what Nicholas calls “ARM” – the three-stage mechanism of Acquisition, Retention and Monetisation, which is the heart of the business model for any successful modern game developer. As the Acquisition stage of that process becomes tougher due to the ever-increasing competition on the App Store, Android Market and elsewhere, Fiksu offers a way to acquire loyal users (customers who come back to your app repeatedly and are likely to engage and, crucially, transact) and bring down the costs of reaching your audience. That’s why we feel they’re a great match for GAMESbrief, and are happy to welcome them on board as a sponsor.

You can learn more about Fiksu at their website – where right now they’re offering a really helpful eBook, “Best Practices for growing your Mobile App Business“, for free.

We’re always interested to hear about our readers’ experiences of working with service providers within our industry – real accounts from you can help to keep us and the rest of our readership informed about the best firms to work with in the gaming space, so if you’ve got something you’d like to share, please do get in touch

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