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Learn to make money from social games – London Masterclass

By on February 9, 2012

If you’re reading GAMESbrief, it’s because you’re interested in the business of games – how to attract players, how to hold on to them, and crucially, how to make money out of them.

We live in interesting times. Social games, free-to-play, Facebook, the App Store – all of these things have changed the playing field and opened up new ways to make money from your consumers.

We hope GAMESbrief is useful to you as you navigate this new landscape – but if social and free-to-play are relevant to your business (and we’d contend that in 2012, they’re relevant to everyone’s businesses), we’d invite you to delve deeper and learn the techniques which the industry’s top companies use to reap huge financial rewards from freely distributed games.

On February 22nd, GAMESbrief founder and How To Publish A Game author Nicholas Lovell will run a GamesDev Business Masterclass in London on “How to Make Money from Social Games”. The day-long class will cover in-depth, practical strategies for acquiring, retaining and monetising customers, and understanding the techniques and psychologies that drive players to engage with your game. This Masterclass is about teaching the business skills required to build a game that’s not just fun and creative, but also profitable.

Previous attendees at Nicholas’ Masterclasses include independent developers, traditional publishers, brand marketers and media owners. From studio bosses down to developers thinking of striking out as indies, this class will teach you the skills you need to make money in today’s games market.

There are still a limited number of spaces remaining, so book your place at the Masterclass today – and if you’d like to bring a colleague, they can get a 50% discount off the entry price if you book together.

Here’s some of the feedback from previous Masterclass sessions:

 “Excellent overview of the market and how to succeed in it. Look forward to the next one!”

“Excellent workshop opening up new avenues of thought.”

“Excellent content and delivery. The interactive game creation was great.”

“The information was immediately useful. The delivery is infectiously enthusiastic and extremely sharp.”

“Combines theoretical concepts with immediate examples of practical implementation.”

If social or free-to-play are going to be part of your business in 2012, this is the right way to get started – arm yourself with the information and knowledge from this Business Masterclass, and aim for a truly profitable 2012.

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