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Help us out: Review Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games

By on October 29, 2012
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We launched Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games on Kindle a little less than a fortnight ago, and so far we’re really pleased with how the book is doing. It’s sold pretty well and it’s had some fantastic feedback from readers. Nicholas and I have been following discussions about the book on Twitter, Facebook and other networks like anxious parents, and so far everyone seems to be finding the book useful and insightful. That’s great.

If you’re one of the many people who has bought the book, we’d like you to do us a favour. Could you take a few moments of your time to go back to the Amazon page (links at the bottom of the post) and write a short review?

We’re not saying “gives us five stars please!” – just be honest. Your feedback helps us to improve what we’re doing, and helps other people to figure out if the book will be useful for them. We would like your review, though, because it really helps us get noticed on Amazon.

If you’re not one of the people who’s bought the book, though, we have a different question – we’d love to know why you didn’t. Did the price put you off? Are you concerned that there isn’t enough original content in the book that isn’t on the website (it’s actually somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters new content, by the way)? Perhaps you don’t own a Kindle and would have preferred the book in some other format? Leave us a short comment – even just a couple of words – and let us know, please.

The book is still selling pretty briskly on Amazon (we’ve been top of the Video Games section on Amazon UK since we launched) – if you haven’t got your copy yet, it’s just £1.74 in the UK, or $2.99 in the United States. We think it’s excellent value, and the feedback we’ve had so far definitely agrees!

About Rob Fahey

I’ve been writing about the business of games for 17 years, and have worked on, Eurogamer, VG247 and British newspaper The Times, as well as making appearances on BBC News, CNN, Sky News and others to discuss the industry. I'm the co-author, with Nicholas Lovell, of two of GAMESbrief's books: Design Rules for Free-to-Play Games and The F2P Toolbox. I'm also involved in product development for GAMESbrief - books, Surgeries, Masterclasses and other ways for us to help you make the most from your game and your business.
  • Justice

    True Nicholas, both iOS and Android do have Nook apps as well as kindle apps for phones and tablets, and I could in fact use these to read the book. It’s more a matter of I simply dislike the small screen size of my phone for longer form reading.

  • There might be something for Android perhaps? *Goes to rummage through Google Play*

    10 sec later he has the official amazon app ;D

  • Unfortunately, while we’d love to publish on Nook, only US-based companies and individuals can do that at the moment – you need a US bank account, credit card, address and tax ID to set up a publisher account with Barnes & Noble. However, Nook recently launched in the UK so hopefully they’ll open up the publishing service to us at some point in the near future!

  • iBookstore is a possibility down the line, definitely. We chose Kindle as our first platform because there are Kindle reader apps for almost every device – including iOS – but we’re definitely now aware of the interest in an iBooks version!

  • Both Nook and iBookstore are a possibility, but we need to see how well it does on a single platform before worrying about ports. I know that iOS has a Kindle app. I’m guessing that Nook doesn’t, but it would be great if you could confirm that

  • iPhone? iPad? I read Kindle apps all the time on both these devices using the free Kindle app

  • I would love to read it but i don’t have a kindle.

  • I would love to read it, but while it’s kindle only there is no way. What about iBookstore??

  • Justice

    I would love to see this also available on the Nook as I don’t own a Kindle. Yes, I realize I could download the kindle app for desktop, but that entirely defeats the point of having an ebook.