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  • Freemium revenues have increased 4x on iOS in 12 months

    60% of social games monetisation comes from virtual goods. Ustwo's Whale Trail has achieved an eightfold increase in number of downloads per month since switching from paid to free. 85% of players do not return after the...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Show us some power curves!

    Do you have a power law curve for an online game that you're willing to share? I'd really like to know where you set the cut-off point for the biggest spenders, and what percentage of paying players...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • Whales, Dolphins and Minnows – the beating heart of a free-to-play game

    The secret to a free-to-play game is not volume. It is not about getting millions of users and relying on only a tiny percentage of that enormous volume to cover your costs. It is about understanding the power-law....

    • Posted 12 years ago
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