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  • Chartboost to host Gamesbrief Business Masterclass

    More news about the Gamesbrief Business Masterclass on 1st March in San Francisco – we’re delighted to announce that Chartboost will now be hosting the event in their fabulous new headquarters near Union Square. We’re thrilled to...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • Keys to Successful Mobile Game Advertising

    Being bombarded by banners and detoured to sign up for a Netflix account simply isn’t good for anyone’s in-game experience. But seriously, ads don’t have to be so nauseating. Here are five tips to give your players...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Which ad service should I use?

    Yesterday, a commenter on the popular How to make $3,000 per day from advertising in your free-to-play game called Gauravjalui made the following comment: For my next game I don’t want to use iAds and adMob also...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • How a pricing dilemma opened our eyes to advertisements

    Pixeleap is a relatively new indie studio with four developers. When we were about to release our second game, Vendespillet, we wanted to offer it for free. We talked about in app purchases, but we did not...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • How to make $3,000 per day from advertising in your free-to-play game

    At Kiloo, we’ve been experimenting with mobile ad networks since we first launched Whac-a-Mole on iOS in 2009. We use advertising as a secondary monetising tool in both Frisbee® Forever and Bullet Time HD, and are constantly but...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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