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  • Retention design in different cultures: know your players

    Deputy Editor Zoya Street recently caught up with Ray Livingston, head of product marketing at Bigpoint, to talk about how their approach to free to play game design has moved forward with the development for Dark Orbit...

    • Posted 10 years ago
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  • Eidos/Warner update

    Following my post about takeover speculation surrounding Eidos, Warner has changed its statement. According to, the company said: “Warner Bros. notes that it intends to acquire shares in SCi if and when it considers appropriate, subject...

    • Posted 16 years ago
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  • Is Eidos up to its old tricks again?

    Yesterday, Eidos altered its standstill agreement with Warner Bros. The agreement, put in place at the time of the April fundraising, stopped Warner from raising its stake in Eidos without permission. Warner is now able to raise...

    • Posted 16 years ago
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