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  • A demolition of GAMIFICATION by Design

    Sebastian Deterding is a good speaker and thinker on gamification. He has just posted a comprehensive demolition of Gabe Zichermann’s Gamification by Design: Implementing Game Mechanics in Web and Mobile Apps . Sebastian’s review is worth reading, if...

    • Posted 9 years ago
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  • MP for a week – the first review

    This is a guest post from Dan Griliopoulos, games PR, journalist and former Parliamentary researcher The expenses scandal might have confirmed the suspicion that the only thing our politicians are professional about is lining their own pockets,...

    • Posted 10 years ago
    • 3
  • Zeno Clash: Do Indie Games Get An Easy Deal?

    I’ve been playing Zeno Clash recently. It’s a visceral first person brawler with a skew-whiff aesthetic, and the debut from small Chilean team Ace. It’s been cleaning up at review… and I can’t help but wonder why....

    • Posted 11 years ago
    • 18
  • Metacritic: A Defence

    Though by no means a new target, I was drawn recently to a Develop magazine column by Simon Byron discussing the multitude demerits of Metacritic and other review aggregators. I use Metacritic on a regular basis, so...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Eidos launches Tomb Raider Underworld, gets PR team to massage Metacritic scores

    I blogged earlier in the year about the dangers Eidos was running by launching Tomb Raider Underworld so close to Thanksgiving: the late release date gave no room for slippage and ran the risk that it would...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Review of The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    The Black Swan – The Impact of the Highly Improbable Could there be a better time to read The Black Swan, Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s enjoyable discourse on probability and humanity’s blindness to it? It’s a book that...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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