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  • Apps, relationships and the nature of money

    On Wednesday this week, panellists at the Mobile Beat conference lamented the fact that Google had too few credit card details on file to monetise their users well. One day later, I got an email offering me...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Announcing a new Sponsor–NeoMobile Onebip

    I’m pleased to say that GAMESbrief is expanding its sponsorship opportunities. I’m working with companies that offer services to game developers and publishers to help them acquire customers, retain customers, monetise customers – or just make game...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Is this the End of

    Is the writing on the wall for Even as Facebook powers through 800 million users to become one of the largest networks of humans on the planet, is the role of the place that started it...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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