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  • Dear Jas: Legal advice for self-publishing

    Great news, everyone! From now on, we'll be featuring monthly guest posts by Jas Purewal of Gamer/Law. He'll be answering your questions about the legal side of games development, particularly for small businesses and self-publishing. If you...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • Games law, piracy and free

    Last month, I spoke at Osborne Clark’s seminar for inhouse lawyers for the games industry. It was afternoon of legal stuff, together with me talking about piracy and free. Jas Purewal (also known as @gamerlaw on Twitter)...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Demystifying copyright and games

    If you want to protect your games, you need to understand copyright law. It's that simple. The problem is that many people get pretty hot under the collar about copyright law and think it does...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Demystifying trademarks and games

    This is a guest post from Jas Purewal, a games lawyer and author of games law blog Gamer/Law. You can follow him on Twitter. Trade marks are generating a lot of heat in the games industry right...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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