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  • What is the download pattern of a freemium (or paymium) game?

    A friend of mine has asked me how I would expect the downloads of a freemium game to be spread over the first year after launch. As you can probably tell from the question, he is trying...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • ARPPU in freemium games

    Most media people think in terms of normal distributions. If the price of a game “averages” £15 over its lifetime, total revenue = number of units sold x average price. The entire industry therefore fixates on number...

    • Posted 13 years ago
    • 25
  • Top Down vs. Bottom Up Forecasting (Bootstrapping a Game Studio)

    Bottom up means you start with your situation and capabilities -- pretty small numbers, I bet -- and work upwards to hopefully a decent number. You might look at all the options you have to drive views...

    • Posted 13 years ago
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  • Whales, Dolphins and Minnows – the beating heart of a free-to-play game

    The secret to a free-to-play game is not volume. It is not about getting millions of users and relying on only a tiny percentage of that enormous volume to cover your costs. It is about understanding the power-law....

    • Posted 13 years ago
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