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  • Apple’s share price fall is all Apple’s fault

    Today, PocketGamer reported that Apple’s market valuation had fallen 43% since 19 September, 2012, a drop that is bigger than the entire market capitalisation of rival Google. Meanwhile journalist Craig Grannell berated Apple analysts for having inflated...

    • Posted 11 years ago
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  • Ten games businesses that are doomed

    When I wrote my post-mortem of RealTime Worlds, some people called me brave. I thought I was cowardly, given that I only expressed my concerns after the company went into administration. And it’s very easy to carp...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • 2010: The year of the console?

    How’s that for a reversal. Ever since GAMESbrief launched at the start of 2009, I’ve been banging the drum for the way the games industry is changing. I’ve blogged about Facebook games, web games, iPhone games. Even...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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