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  • Ten doomed businesses: how accurate were my predictions?

    Two years ago, in an article that generated much flak and for which I had to write an explanation of my reasons for writing it, I wrote down ten games businesses or ideas that were doomed. Two...

    • Posted 12 years ago
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  • Ten games businesses that are doomed

    When I wrote my post-mortem of RealTime Worlds, some people called me brave. I thought I was cowardly, given that I only expressed my concerns after the company went into administration. And it’s very easy to carp...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • The Investec Digital Media Conference

    I was delighted to be asked to host the gaming panel at the excellent Investec Digital Media Conference in May this year. I had hoped to host the video of the conference, but in an object lesson...

    • Posted 14 years ago
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  • Top Turkeys from the Noughties – part 2

    Last week, I listed five games that left financial ruin in their wake in the first decade of the twenty-first century (you can read Part 1 here). Here are the concluding five. Five games that their publishers...

    • Posted 15 years ago
    • 8
  • Blue Omega, developer of Damnation, shuts down

    No sooner has Codemasters shipped Damnation than the developer, Blue Omega, shuts its doors. Reports suggest a troubled development process, with Blue Omega turning to outsourced development teams, Velvetelvis Studios and Point of View, who allegedly then...

    • Posted 15 years ago
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  • Bohemia sues Codemasters over Operation Flashpoint

    Following my post about SimBin losing the plot at Slightly Mad Games, Bohemia Interactive has jumped on the bandwagon. According to, Bohemia Interactive’s lawyer has sent a letter to Codemasters complaining about the marketing of Operation...

    • Posted 15 years ago
    • 6
  • Codemasters is wildly optimistic if it believes an IPO is possible in 2009

    You may be forgiven for having missed this interview with Rod Cousens of Codemasters in the Financial Times on Boxing Day last year. Rod says that the company, majority-owned by private equity firm Balderton Capital, is in a...

    • Posted 16 years ago
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