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Kim Kardashian’s mobile game made $51 million in revenue in 4 months

SuperData Research’s roundup of the US digital gaming market has just come out. One key figure for me: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made $51 million in its first four months. Given that this is a US report, that might be in the US only, which suggests the game is more than on-track to deliver $100 million...

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What I learned from soft-launching in Canada

This is a guest post from Jeremy Born   I knew it was a gamble right from the start. Forfeiting your relatively safe, more traditional corporate career for the sake of a dream, in this case, building an independent gaming software company.  Every day I kept reading about the financial success stories behind Candy Crush...

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CC image by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

“Economy of favours” – in praise of SF’s indie cliques

“I don’t know a lot of people who went indie because they wanted to do PR” Being an indie game developer means being responsible for much more than just designing a game: you could find yourself having to act as producer, head of finance, CTO, PR and everything else imaginable. In this Casual Connect talk...

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[Gamesbriefers] Will VR be free-to-play?

Question: The first range of consumer VR headsets are likely to be hitting the market shortly, led by the Samsung Gear VR. Will VR be a console-style device, where pay-upfront pricing dominates? Or will the platform trend towards free-to-play? And how is the involvement of Samsung (for mobile), Facebook (for Oculus) and Sony (for Morpheus)...

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Conversion rates

Benchmarks are bollocks?

This is a guest post from Chris Kempt in response to a recent post by Nicholas   Last week I was at the UKIE AGM (a triumph once again) and while I was there I received a good-natured ribbing for my recent performance on the BBC’s Dragons Den – I’m probably paraphrasing badly but I think...

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Nothing to do, no reason to come back #f2ptoolbox

The F2P toolbox will teach you 54 of the most important and high-impact ideas in modern game design. This is one of them: make sure players always have something on their to-do list. For a full explanation, see the complete book: available now in digital and physical formats. Learn more on the F2P toolbox homepage...

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Premium currency pricing trends and tricks

This is a guest post cross-posted from Wolfgang’s blog All Work All Play   Most free-to-play games on mobile sell some sort of premium currency: gems in Clash of Clans, donuts in Simpsons Tapped Out, gold in Game of War and so on. I spent some time analysing how 32 games on the App Store...

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[Gamesbriefers] The $2.5 billion question

Question: So Microsoft dropped $2.5 billion on Minecraft. Unity is rumoured to have turned down an acquisition offer at a slightly smaller number. Facebook bought Oculus Rift for $2 billion. If you had that kind of money, what would you spend it on?   Answers: Tim Wicksteed Director of Twice Circled I don’t agree with large...

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Is conversion rate usually quoted daily, monthly or lifetime?

I got an email last week asking me the following question: "Some folks insist that “conversion rate” as it’s reported industry wide is #dailypayers/DAUs, while others insist it should be based on monthly payers and MAUs (or longer, if possible). Do you have a preference or sense of which is more correct or widely-used?” My...

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Zynga’s conversion rate

I was digging into definitions of conversion rate, and came across this slide from Zynga’s Q2 2014 conference call.     So Zynga’s conversion rate is between 1.6% and 1.9%. But what does that actually mean? I’m struggling a little to find out. In their annual 10K filing, they don’t mention conversion rate at all....

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