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Chartboost to host Gamesbrief Business Masterclass

More news about the Gamesbrief Business Masterclass on 1st March in San Francisco – we’re delighted to announce that Chartboost will now be hosting the event in their fabulous new headquarters near Union Square. We’re thrilled to be holding the masterclass in great surroundings and to be working with a company that has done so...

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CC image by Leonardo Pallotta

Get expert free-to-play insights in San Francisco on March 1st with this discount code

If you’re travelling to San Francisco this March, you might have started thinking about how to get the most out of your trip. We’re happy to announce that Nicholas Lovell is continuing for a third year to teach his acclaimed day-long course sharing his insights as a consultant on free-to-play games. The next Gamesbrief Business...

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MOBAs, TV advertising and ethical free-to-play

Mobile battle arena card game, Heroes Charge, just launched superfan feature “Legendaries”, giving their elite players a unique set of rewards for their time and money spent in-game. They have also launched a mutimillion-dollar TV ad campaign recently – they say, in a bid to overcome the mobile games’ industry’s soaring UA costs, following a challenging Autumn launch....

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26% of people who contact customer service are paying users – Matt Fairchild, TinyCo

This year at GDC Next Matt Fairchild from TinyCo shared some data about community management and user behaviour. The talk includes some important takeaways about how nurture a community on a budget – and why community is so important for a game’s success. One key figure stands out: although 5% of all players are expected...

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Looking at In-Game Currencies

This is a guest post from GameSparks, crossposted from their blog   The dominant approach to making and monetizing free-to-play games is constantly in flux. The market continues to grow and new contenders are always attempting to shake up the formula. Today we’re going to be looking at currencies in free-to-play games, how they define...

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Who is undervaluing social play?

New data released by Everyplay suggests that the most lucrative users in mobile gaming are generally male over female, and 35–44 year olds over other age groups. You also see higher spending among players of competitive games over other genres (see more at This is nothing particularly new, and similar data has come out...

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Why did this fun, polished game fail to hit the top grossing?

This is a guest post from Anthony Gowland Seriously is a company formed from a bit of a mobile gaming dream team. A couple of months ago when Best Fiends, their first game, had just released I predicted that although it’s very polished & fun to play, it would not break in to the top...

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How to avoid an outsourcing catastrophe

This is a guest post from Mike Bloom of BooyaSquad, who have been working with Click Lab.   Outsourcing can open doors Most people who want to venture into game dev believe they must build a team containing all the talent they will need to complete their project. Truth is that everything can be outsourced....

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Gamers and makers on the edge - Nicholas Lovell

Announcing our new book series

Today we’re launching something that might be familiar to some of you, and new to others, plus something brand new. We’re bringing three books to our Kindle store today. Gamers and Makers on the Edge, Freeing Games and The Social Puzzle, which together make up a series of books called Gamesbrief Unplugged. They are curated collections...

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Are we predictably irrational about the word free? Or is it the concept?

Apple has just started an experiment that should be fascinating  for behavioural psychologist Dan Ariely. Ariely is the man behind the popular psychology title, Predictably Irrational. In Chapter 3, he explains at length the powerful drive that FREE! has on our purchasing behaviours. Here is my description of Ariely’s experiment, taken from my book, The...

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