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Is your player on-ramp better than Facebook’s?

Getting players back into your game regularly is the most important  thing you need to do as a free-to-play game designer. Success comes from getting people to choose to launch your game over all the other choices they have out there. And that doesn’t mean other games: if your game is on mobile or tablet,...

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EA is earning $650 million a year from a F2P style add-on to FIFA and other sports franchises

Electronic Arts is managing to have its F2P cake and eating it. Its sports franchises such as FIFA, Madden and NFL are some of its most popular and successful titles. But it has successfully added a variable pricing model to these game which are now representing around half of their total digital revenue. The benefits...

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London Masterclass sold out; San Francisco spaces available!

GAMESbrief’s F2P Game Design Masterclass in London on February 26th is now completely sold out – but don’t worry, there’s another chance to attend just a couple of weeks later, on March 13th in San Francisco, the day before the Game Developers Conference gets underway. If you’re going to be in San Francisco for GDC,...

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“Advertising is a tax on the poor”

This amazing talk from NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway covers how Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google are dominating the world. It particularly focuses on the consequences for the users, and is full of amazing soundbites as well as predictions on how each of the 4 companies could become the first $1 trillion company in history....

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How to manage a soft launch for a free-to-play game

You are putting too many features in your soft launch. Don’t worry, everyone else is too. But by doing so you are wasting time, spending money you don’t need to and jeopardising the long-term future of your game. Here’s why. What is the point of a soft launch? A soft launch exists to answer one...

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Upcoming Masterclasses in London and San Francisco

If you want to get yourself or your team totally up to speed on F2P game design, and ready to face the challenges of 2016, a day spent at a GAMESbrief Masterclass is the best investment you can make. Masterclasses are in-depth, intensive courses with small class sizes and lots of practical, hands-on workshops where...

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virtual reality

Is F2P the natural fit for Virtual Reality?

This is a post by GAMESbrief’s Rob Fahey, co-author (with Nicholas Lovell) of The F2P Toolbox and Design Rules For Free-To-Play Games. You can also read more of his work every week on 2016 is going to be the Year of VR. It might not be the year VR succeeds, necessarily, but it will...

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Sponsor: AppsFlyer’s Gaming Performance Index

This week’s GAMESbrief site sponsor – the first of 2016 – is AppsFlyer, whose mobile attribution and marketing analytics tools are designed to help you understand in-depth how your marketing is working and how to optimise your budgets. Spending money to acquire users is a fact of life for mobile game creators; AppsFlyer can help...

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Last chance: London Masterclass tickets are nearly gone!

GAMESbrief will hold its last Masterclass of 2015 in London this Friday – we’ve got a small number of tickets still available for the event, so if you or your studio want to get a head start on F2P game design and business models ahead of the new year, this is your last chance! GAMESbrief...

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Mind Candy signals that the kids market for games is too tough, even for them

Mind Candy has just stated that they are pulling out of the kids space, because it’s too tough. Speaking to, founder and ex-CEO* Michael Acton Smith said “The competition is immense. Kids just don’t want to play those games specifically designed just for them… we’re not going to build products which are just aimed...

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