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Nicholas Lovell

Former banker, analyst and entrepreneur Nicholas Lovell has been focused on the business of games since 1994. He founded Lodestar Partners, a corporate finance advisory house that focused exclusively on the games industry and was Chief Executive of GameShadow, a patching utility and social utility for gamers.

Nicholas believes that there are plenty of sources of information on the games business on the Internet, but few with good analysis. He founded Gamesbrief to fill that gap.

Disclosure list

Nicholas is a shareholder in GameShadow
Nicholas is a non-executive director and shareholder in nDreams
Nicholas provides consultancy services to companies on monetising their online businesses, particularly in the games sector. More information is available at

A note about confidentiality

Confidentiality matters. As a banker, I knew a lot of information that needed to be kept confidential, and you only get one chance: break your word and critical client relationships evaporate in an instant. I have no difficulty keeping this blog (which about analysis and predictions) separate from my consultancy work (where I often know information which is confidential.) In essence, you can trust me. And if I break that trust – well, I know how small the games industry is. Word will get around pretty damn fast.

Guest Bloggers

GamesBrief is not just the work of one man. Guest bloggers include:

There will be more guest bloggers as we seek to cover all aspects of the business of games.