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Tickets available now: masterclass in LA this November

By on October 2, 2013

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Earlier this year, 17 people spent the Sunday before GDC at Nicholas’s first public masterclass in the US. Nicholas’ events have run dozens of times for hundreds of participants, but this was the first time that developers and publishers have been able to attend a masterclass outside of Europe.

This November, Nicholas will be speaking at GDC Next. We’ve decided to run another masterclass, this time in Los Angeles on Monday November 4th.

The full-day Masterclass is more than just a lecture – it’s a chance to get hands-on, practical experience of implementing the principles behind successful free-to-play and paymium businesses, to work alongside your industry peers and colleagues and to come away with a true in-depth understanding of how to build a successful business from your games.

Buy Tickets For This Event

 Early birds get 33% off!

A limited number of early bird tickets are available at a 33% discount on the regular price. An early-bird ticket costs $400 (saving $200 on the regular price), and you can bring along two people for just $600!  Tickets will sell fast, so make sure you sign up soon.

“This is the type of event not to be missed. The class was easily the most absorbing and illuminating class I’ve had on the subject of free-to-play. It was psychology, business and game design all wrapped up into one lecture. The value of actionable information that I received during this class by far surpasses the cost of the class.”
– Carey Chico, Business Development Director, North America at XPEC


We’re offering a small number tickets with special perks, such as one-hour Surgery sessions – one-on-one consultancies with Nicholas, where he’ll answer any questions you may have – and our premium tier ticket, which includes two tickets to the Masterclass, PLUS a full day of on-site consultancy at your offices in the Los Angeles area during the week of November 4th. Again, these are discounted for early birds, so make sure you take advantage before the first tickets sell out.

Buy Tickets For This Event Get 50% off How to Publish a Game

Finally, if you want to get 50% off How to Publish a Game, now is the time to make that happen. All early bird tickets come with a 50% discount on the book. Plus, we have a special book-only tier available for those of you who can’t attend the event but still want to show your support.



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