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Gamesbrief at the HTML5 conference

By on October 10, 2012

As Gamesbrief’s Deputy Editor, I’ll be at the HTML5 conference next week. I’ll be livetweeting from @rupazero.

It’s always interesting when the topic of HTML5 comes up at a conference. Some people still have faith in the promise of a post-Flash, cross-platform future for browser gaming, but many are hesitant to get their hands dirty yet working with a young and unstable technology. I’m really looking forward to seeing discussion emerge about how people are coping with the

challenges of HTML5 development, and what are the opportunities for early adopters.

As always, get in touch if you want to meet for a chat about guest posts or anything else Gamesbrief related. I’ll also be at GMIC-SV at the end of the week – give me a shout if you’ll be there!

About Zoya Street

I’m responsible for all written content on the site. As a freelance journalist and historian, I write widely on how game design and development have changed in the past, how they will change in the future, and how that relates to society and culture as a whole. I’m working on a crowdfunded book about the Dreamcast, in which I treat three of the game-worlds it hosted as historical places. I also write at and The Borderhouse.