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Dinosaurs and Embryos at the Social Games Summit

By on December 7, 2011

Where are social games going in the next few years? The panelists and speakers at the Social Games Summit were keen to speculate and debate. Here are some short, simple ideas.

On the way out…

  • Portable game machines – “the PSVita is an iPhone with joysticks” – Alexey Lebedev
  • Facebook as a platform for new games – users have plateaued and virality is over
  • Re-releases of legacy products – it’s time to innovate

On the way up…

  • Cloud Computing by Quinn Anya

    Cloud computing for cross-platform social gaming will allow greater engagement

  • HTML5 is 2-3 years out from being a big player, but ultimately it has potential for cross-platform integration
  • Social gaming in Latin America – the market is still small but it’s growing fast. Localise now before it is dominated by local players

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