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In-App Purchases “Bring in the Dough”

By on September 30, 2011

Social Cast’s mobile affairs infographic confirms that the best way to make money from mobile games is through IAP.  Since September 2009, revenue from IAP has soared, while revenue from advertising has remained almost static. With an average IAP spend per user of $14, compared to an average app price of $2.43, it’s clear that a model based on selling virtual goods within free games is far more lucrative than advertising-funded free games or pay-to-play.

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I’m responsible for all written content on the site. As a freelance journalist and historian, I write widely on how game design and development have changed in the past, how they will change in the future, and how that relates to society and culture as a whole. I’m working on a crowdfunded book about the Dreamcast, in which I treat three of the game-worlds it hosted as historical places. I also write at and The Borderhouse.