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Idea explosion #1: sex sells (feedback needed)

By on July 29, 2011

I’m experimenting with the idea of 52 game idea explosions: small, perfectly formed ideas that you can pick up and go – aha, that helps me think of ways of improving my online game (social, mobile, browser, whatever).

I’ve been working with the talented Tom Naylor, a freelance artist and graphic designer, on some ideas. Here are three versions of Sex Sells: how hard can it be?.

Please could you give me feedback? I’d love to know which design you like, if you like the overall concept, whether you would consider buying it? Does the image carry the idea alone, or does it need a page of extra text? Does it get you thinking or does it make you go "Huh? What?".

Comments, tweets, email, snail mail and carrier pigeons all welcomed.

Sex sells: Games advice version 1

Sex sells: version 1


Sex sells: Games advice version 2

Sex sells: version 2


Sex sells: Games advice version 3

Sex sells: version 3

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