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Making $75,000 from an Android App in a year

By on August 24, 2010

Arron La is an IBM employee who has released an App for Android called Advanced Task Manager. In essence, it plugs a hole in the OS that sometimes closes down applications without closing down processes, which slows down the phone and drains battery life.

Activate a bar code reader on your Android phone, hold the camera to this code and be taken straight to the Android market page for Advanced Task Manager.

He released the App in February 2009 for 99c. He also released a free version in November 2009, supported by Admob ads.

He has written a detailed blog post about his Android experiences. Here are his monthly revenues.














Feb-09   507       507
Mar-09   630       630
Apr-09   362       362
May-09   503       503
Jun-09   2,178       2,178
Jul-09   2,480       2,480
Aug-09   1,500       1,500
Sep-09   700       700
Oct-09   2,300       2,300
Nov-09   3,400   109   3,509
Dec-09   3,500   231   3,731
Jan-10   3,700   1,000   4,700
Feb-10   3,600   2,900   6,500
Mar-10   3,700   2,700   6,400
Apr-10   4,500   3,000   7,500
May-10   3,800   4,100   7,900
Jun-10   4,600   5,000   9,600
Jul-10   4,400   2,600   7,000
Aug-10   2,100   3,400   5,500
Total 48,460 25,040 73,500

That’’s over $70,000 in revenue in a year and a half (and there are only partial results for August). These figures are after Google’s 30% cut, as well, so the app has grossed over $100,000.

Here are the same figures, in a graph:

Sales of Advanced Task manager in a graph

Arron gives a detailed commentary of how Android is faring, and some strong suggestions for how to make it better. If you have any interest in making Apps for Android, I recommend you check it out.

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