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Everything you needed to know about mobile in 2010 – but with 20% off

By on May 14, 2010

PocketGamer have just released their PocketGamer.Biz Mobile Games Trends Report 2010.

It’s over 120 pages of everything you need to know about mobile games from business models through navigating the different app stores and which games you really need to know about.

The 2009 report was very successful and this one will be even better – not least because I wrote the section on business models!

If you need to know about mobile, you need to buy this report.

And for the next two weeks, I can get you 20% off. So if I were you, I’d go and Buy the Mobile Games Trends Report now.

Report Pricing:

  • Single Copy: £699 Print or Digital
    • Offer Price: £549 (Save £140)
  • Multi-user (five copies): £999 (1x Print + 4x Digital licenses)
    • Special Offer Price: £799 (Save £200)
  • Enterprise License (20 copies): £1,999 (Up to 5x Print + 15x Digital licenses)
    • Special Offer Price: £1,599 (Save £400)

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