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Animator risks ire of Warner by including news on Lego Harry Potter and Lego Indy 2 in online CV

By on March 13, 2009

Pity poor Charlotte Parker.

The animator at Traveller Tales posted her CV online with details of her past work as a cutscene animator on Lego Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones.

In a PR faux pas, she also included (now removed), “Am currently working as a Cutscene Animator on LEGO Harry Potter & LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which are both in the early stages of production.” When VG247 called her to ask if it was true, she confirmed it verbally before adding ” But they’re not confirmed. I can’t really talk about them.” (I wonder if they were honest enough to admit they were scurrilous journalists before asking the question.)

The blogosphere seems to think that Ms Parker may not be employed at Travellers Tales for much longer. It’s certainly the case that publishers like to control the flow of press information pretty carefully. I wonder if this will lead to much stronger NDAs and paranoid control of development staff by publishers.

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