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Get Beneath A Steel Sky free now.

By on December 18, 2008

Screenshot from Beneath a Steel SkyGood Old Games ( has just announced that you can download Beneath a Steel Sky for free. Completely.

If you haven’t come across, it’s a DRM-free portal for downloading high-quality games of yesteryear. Games like Fallout and Fallout 2, Operation Flashpoint and my personal favourite Jagged Alliance 2, all downloadable for less than $9.99.

Good Old Games, brainchild of CD Projekt, the publisher behind The Witcher, believes that consumers will pay for these games, even DRM-free, given their quality and have persuaded a range of publishers of their model. I really hope it works.

And if you haven’t ever played Beneath a Steel Sky, go download it. It’s one of the few point-and-click adventures I ever finished, and it bears all the hallmarks of Charles Cecil, a luminary of the genre. Plus the artwork is by Dave Gibbons, who drew The Watchmen, my favourite graphic novel of all time.

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