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  • Using social networks to build a tribe

    The golden rule for social marketers is “Go where your customers are.” It’s no longer cost effective to drag them to you - you need to go to them.

    • Posted 2 years ago
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  • Indie Marketing: Tell the World! (part 3)

    In this final part of the indie marketing series I’ll be analysing some hands-on ways to get the word out about your game. The first two parts have been about analysing the existing marketplace and building your...

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • 2
  • Find Games for your Players

    The idea of permission marketing is to build a following by finding a cause that early adopters care about. Then build a platform to share your ideas about that cause, the gift of which gains their permission...

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • 6
  • Go free, spread the word

    Andrew J. Smith of Spilt Milk Studios is clearly a gifted marketer. Armed with little more than chutzpah, charisma and Twitter, he has turned a zero marketing budget into a creditable campaign for his critically-acclaimed indie iOS...

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • 2
  • Censorship, IPs’ and Business

    Following the BT/Newbinz decision, an argument about censorship, IP rights and business models broke out on Twitter. The discussion is presented here as a single post, collated with storify. Weighing in on the debate featured here are:...

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • 16
  • Spilt Milk Studios Diary 9: the power of Twitter

    Andrew J Smith is one-half of Spilt Milk Studios. He recently launched Hard Lines on iOS, and has been sharing his experiences with us all on GAMESbrief. This week, he muses on the power of Twitter as a...

    • Posted 3 years ago
    • 3
  • The Spilt Milk Live Post-Mortem: Week 4 – The Name of the Game

    Howdy howdy howdy. Andrew J Smith here (again!), MD of Spilt Milk Studios – hopefully you recognise me by now. I’ll cut to the chase, this week we’re looking at the beginnings of the PR effort for...

    • Posted 3 years ago
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