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Antoine Pastor



My name is Antoine Pastor and I am a French gameplay programmer.I am currently working as a freelance iPhone programmer. I have already create several apps, in various domains : poker, games, virtual books, ... using various tools and softwares : cocos2d, Unity3d, xcode... I am passionated by this job, and would like to join a team in a company in order to be able to work on most ambitious projects.I am currently working on two projects : * The first one is a virtual book engine, which allows my client to write his own book with interactions. My engine embeds a dictionary, some videos, sounds, interactive pictures, particle effects, multiple languages, and I'm still working on it to add new features, like an interactive world map and other fun stuff. * I'm also finishing an other project which is an infinite horizontal scroller surfing game (with Sharks ;). If this game, you have to use the iPhone's accelerometer to avoid some sharks. Enemies are coming according to some Design Patterns which become harder and harder. For both of this game, I'm doing the programming part alone, but I'm working with other people for the level design or the graphics. I've also just started a personal project which will be an avatar generator.Before that experience, I have been working for Ubisoft Montpellier during one year, on the Wii project ‘Rabbids Go Home’ (700.000 sales since december 2009) where I programmed the Rabbids behaviors in the module "In ze Wii Remote". I have also designed and programmed the Wii-channel which is dedicated to the game.I also designed a Geometry Wars-like game as a solo project and you can view this on the video link included.

Platform expertise: 
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
gameplay programmer ios iphone ipad
Montpellier, France